Deyanna Denyse is a performance artist and muse from Atlanta, Ga. Her works centralize around nude expression, channeling Divine Feminine energy, social injustice, body positivity, spiritual awakenings, and topics of ascension. Her spiritual practice is the foundation from which her works are derived





the state or fact of being naked.


#MyNudeMyTruth is a campaign Deyanna created with intentions to change the narrative of nudity in society, dismantling the global constructs that have chained the view of Feminine energy, promoting healing within black and brown communities(primarily), and redefining black and brown nudity, particularly.

Nudity in history


Deyanna shares: " During my first tour across the United States as an art model, I have had the opportunity to visit museums in hopes to find inspiration. Instead, I realize the facilities I visited were lacking representation. As I walked around these spaces I would see beautiful sculptures of European men and women on display but none that looked like me. Most of the mainstream museums didn't display brown or black nude art that represented power, poise, or beauty. As a matter of fact, I didn't see proper representation on television either. This leads me to dive deeper. I found several articles from decades ago showcasing nudity as art however seeing a brown/black body was far and few in between. I wanted to figure out why that was the case when it dawned on me that most brown/black folks were religiously driven and their belief system leads them to demonize nudity. Most viewed being naked as inappropriate or derogatory. Realizing the hypocrisy frustrated me as I grew up in church and was too, subjected to such beliefs. The first chapter of the bible "The book of Genesis" claimed God made man naked and to walk about The Garden of Eden as such. Although, I understand why this chapter claimed the reasonings Adam and Eve covered themselves, It's hard to accept as I know (through experience) how to rewrite beliefs that caused me to see nudity as a sin. I digress topics of religion out of respect for others beliefs however at that moment I had questions that went unanswered"


Nudity as a healing modality 


There are people all over the world who have expressed practicing nude positivity (embracing nudity in a comfortable space) as a way to heal themselves. Regardless of stature, build, or race, learning the accept self "as is" - is a rewarding risk. 

Deyanna has used nudity as a vehicle to heal deprecating thoughts of herself and others through the acceptance of truth, recognizing all bodies are unique, despite perceived flaws. This truth has invited her to have more compassion for herself and those surrounding her. Practicing and leading Nude yoga has allowed Denyse an opportunity to share this modality with others. 


Transitioning into nude art modeling has equipped Deyanna with the tools she needed to not only heal the world's view of the nude brown/black body but also promote body positivity through the work she was featured in. Successfully, she received messages from others around the world stating that her image (and others like her) has planted a seed of curiosity, leading others to join her on the path back to basic truths portrayed in religious and other texts. 


Nudity in art


The nude body is one of the most controversial and has been seen in the arts for decades across all mediums and while appreciated, there is a lack of representation. As Deyanna mentioned in the above quotations, most nudity displayed depicted European bodies. In 2021, we all know the power of representation which is why it is important to Deyanna to help the cause by being the change she wished she could see.


I can be nude and still.....


Due to the many limiting belief described above, Deyanna used the phrase " I can be nude and still..." as a way to show others that nudity didn't take away from her moral compass or character as a person. Understanding why some may perceive nudity as negative, " I can be nude and still...." rewrite those perceptions of nudity.