DeyannaDenyse Performance & Charcoal Artist

Redefining Nudity | Artist Statment

“Shadow Work” is created to capture the deeper essence of the original photos of each drawing. A connection between the lighter and darker attributes of one’s self. In real-time, shadow work is a healing modality that bridges the gap between the seen and unseen. These drawings are the personification of that process. As a reiki practitioner, each drawing is imbued with healing energy, drawing the shadows of each onlooker out for review and transmutation.

Charcoal is a soft yet bold media of choice as it too, signifies the mysterious depth each piece has, mirroring the depth of each onlooker.

Human beings are complex creatures, my work captures such complexity in a simple, yet raw way.

In my pursuit to change the narrative of nudity across all media, shadow work captures the feminine essence in such form, leaving nothing but the spirit as a mystery

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